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  • I can well understand the use of action research as a method of finding what works best for any particular situation/context. I’ve no problem with that at all. Indeed, the same general cycle of reflective practice can be applied across the board, and even across disciplines.

  • I have no problem with using action research – I practise it myself. BUT that’s exactly where action research stops – with the person or group who is actioning it. What works for me in my action research in teaching will not necessarily work at all for another teacher, and likewise for groups.

  • It is a postmodern invention (or cycle) which works well for the individual (or individual group) and that’s what it’s intended for. In teaching, the teachers practising action research create their own reality, for their distinct personality and their personal traits, practices and relationships are unique to them.

  • Try to apply action research results and use them to formulate a transferable practice is not only unscientific, it is also unfair, both to the teachers who are expected to follow the practice and the poor students who suffer in consequence.

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