Allana Wilson

M Farren Ltd

M Farren Ltd

As a company with 14 branches, a warehouse and an office, the team recognised the value of adopting an electronic system that was easy to use from design to branch usage; fully GDPR compliant to allow them to gather and store information; and which allowed head office to have an end system that was fully auditable. Additional benefits have included the system’s utilisation of online cloud forms to collect the data, and the fact that it can be employed to create both visual and excel reports depending on what is required.

Still within the trial stage, the team currently employ the system to evaluate understanding of health and safety training within a few branches by designing an assessment which is accessed via a link within the training. It has also been used for electronic online risk assessments, which can be completed in branches by the managers and seen by head office, which ensures compliance at branch level in that head office can ensure that actions raised are completed in a timely manner.

A stream of efficiency improvements have been secured as a result of this technology, especially the reduction of the amount of time spent chasing branches for information, as all branches will submit the same data in the same format, and the system can be set up to send a PDF copy of the submission back to the branch.