The Buchanhaven Pharmacy Team



Serving a very mixed demographic of individuals, Buchanhaven Pharmacy are consistent and compassionate in their provision of care to substance dependency patients. In particular, the group of three independent prescribers deliver assistance to a group of up to 36 patients.

Over the years, the service has evolved from a supplementary prescribing model with one pharmacist and up to just 12 patients to what it is today. The pharmacists eagerly take up every opportunity to further develop their training and skills to constantly improve the service which is offered to this client group.    

Examples of this are injection technique, wound management, consultation skills, hepatitis testing and treatment and use of naloxone. Additionally, the whole staff team have completed an emergency first aid qualification.

Throughout the obstacles of COVID-19, the team’s robust set of SOPs have been reviewed and updated, while all of the staff have been completing a monthly training programme.