Superdrug Pharmacy



Superdrug Pharmacy is long-established in the Kingdom Centre in Glenrothes – first opening its doors 21 years ago. Notably, over the past 12 months the team have flourished in their mission to improve the overall performance of the pharmacy in terms of physical layout and appearance, volume and commerciality, and, most significantly, patient care.

In particular, the implementation of a few changes has made a huge difference to the flow of the dispensary. These measures have included relocating the Methameasure terminal, installing a hatch with a separate counter in a discreet area of the pharmacy for supervision services, moving and removing shelfing to change the position of the PMR terminals, and adding in some extra storage.    

These physical adaptions, along with implementing dispensing Xcellence (a tried and tested way of managing dispensary workload), have transformed the pharmacy, the service which the team provides, and their morale as a whole.