Eleanor Fenton

Welcome Pharmacy, Creebridge Mill

Welcome Pharmacy, Creebridge Mill

Eleanor qualified as an IP just short of two years ago, expressing an interest in the area of substance dependency. Having recognised a local need for SDAS prescribing support – and that there was a gap in provision in the rural area – Eleanor started supporting people with substance dependency as an IP in March 2019, working one day per fortnight in clinic with SDAS. On completion of the IP course, she went on to study NES Common Clinical Conditions in order to run a pilot clinic from her community pharmacy on behalf of NHS Dumfries & Galloway.

On developing the service level agreement between NHS Dumfries & Galloway and her community pharmacy, it was identified that Eleanor’s addition to the SDAS team would be to deliver a holistic approach to patient care with quicker and easier access to treatment. Additionally, the focus was on making the ethical care of the patient the top priority, promoting evidenced-based medicine, taking into account clinical judgement, patient preferences and relevant scientific evidence.