The Superdrug Pharmacy Team



The Superdrug pharmacy team in Glenrothes have enhanced their participation in substance dependency services, supporting 50 per cent more patients in the area than they did last year, and are working to further increase this capacity to meet the demands of the local area.

Although not a new service to the pharmacy or team, under new leadership a number of changes have been made to make managing the service more efficient.

Physical changes have been applied to the layout of the pharmacy in the last 12 months to create an appropriate area for supervision. This has included the installation of a new hatch with a specific counter where patients can receive their medication in a discreet area of the store, and the introduction of a methameasure system to ensure efficient and safe dispensing of high volume methadone. The team also now participate in naloxone supply and are proactive in ensuring that patients feel able to ask for help when they need it.