The Right Medicine Pharmacy Team



Serving a small village who rely on the local pharmacy, the team place great significance on focussing on the needs of the community and seeking out ways in which they can better support them.

The team have pursued a number of paths for encouraging individuals to embrace self-care in light of the pandemic, such as their vitamin range promotion – identifying that securing necessary vitamin D levels during lockdown has been increasingly difficult. The display was therefore installed close to the pharmacy’s entrance, being prominent for people to see and then ask about.

Another area which they homed in on was de-stress products and bath salts as many patients often speak about aches and pains, but also because individuals have been walking more so the need was very much there. The team have successfully sourced both a premium brand and a budget brand to ensure that the community’s needs are fulfilled, while they also participate in conversations with patients about de-stress techniques and the benefits of employing meditation and music to further help.

Despite the need to social distance, the pharmacy have heavily promoted to patients stop smoking services during COVID-19, and in the build-up to the flu season have homed in on the flu service to the community to ensure that people are kept safe and healthy during the colder months.